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Sleeping Beauty!

Hair falls on her cheeks She sleeps in peace In slumber so deep With calm gentle silent breathe. Calm shoreline of heaving ocean Speaking with careless whisper And curled fingers What a tranquil transform!

Times like these…

In the fluttering leaves And the blowing breeze I stand in ease Wishing you were here So that we could kiss. The moon peeks behind the cloud And I want to shout Your name out loud Standing under the moonlight So that I can…

The One with The Higher Authority’s Permission

We have a pact; the higher authority takes all the small decisions- things to buy, things to cook , finance related and all while I take all the big decisions- like should the country impose this law? Where are we going with the financial crunch in the country and how do we tackle them and all

The One where The Higher Authority Domesticates the Party Animal.

From a party animal whose blood was composed more of barley and ethanol to being domesticated husband; the journey of change has been quite unexpected.