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Life’s a Dream.

You can’t wake if you haven’t slept Dream if you haven’t wept Life itself is a puzzle What fun if you haven’t played. Daily chores of life Negate the fun, to be precise. Life feels like a circus ring We fake all the laughter…

So, What do you choose?

Falling down is an accident Staying down is a choice; Brilliant are my feelings On this side. Wicked thoughts make my day, It’s easy going when you smile, Let your thoughts flow like water. Shut up and dance, Everything’s gonna be alright, When you…

Poems & Me

Every poem I write A piece of me goes Into the unknown In your mind. My imagery, my thoughts Inspired by the world Created by words Connecting the dots. At times I’m on fire Words and syllables Flow unabrupt Mind doesn’t tire.


Imagination is a two way street First you close your eyes Then we meet and greet Nonchalant. Noxious to reality Fuelled by creativity Dreams functionality Apocryphal. When imagination unfurls it’s wings We land in land of dreams Ignorant of worldly possessions Imperturbable.    …

Sleeping Beauty!

Hair falls on her cheeks She sleeps in peace In slumber so deep With calm gentle silent breathe. Calm shoreline of heaving ocean Speaking with careless whisper And curled fingers What a tranquil transform!

Working class hero

Living a rat’s race
At our own pace,
Instead of dreams being nurtured
We see them being murdered.

Morning Morning!!

Just this morning, when I was discovering the new thoughts & posts WordPress has to offer; I came across a number of posts, some filled with good thoughts, positive vibe; while some bloggers having courage to spell out the emotions and harsh reality fate…

Times like these…

In the fluttering leaves And the blowing breeze I stand in ease Wishing you were here So that we could kiss. The moon peeks behind the cloud And I want to shout Your name out loud Standing under the moonlight So that I can…

Come Around.

Come and take me home, I have been tired enough. Come and show me the way, I have been lost enough. Come and sing me a song, I have been away enough. Come and let sleep befall, I have been awake enough.

She Walks in Beauty

She walks in beauty like the night
of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
meets in her aspect and her eyes:

Back in those days

Back in those days,Slowly we slept into our fears.All grown up now,We sleep all the way into our tears. Back in those days,We were pure carbon.Life pressed us so hard,We turned into diamond. Stars and moon,We used to gaze.Leisure is all but gone,Life is…

Let me know…

Talk to the rain, Talk to the sun, And let me know what you think Fly with the clouds Fly with the birds And let me know what you hear See the moon See the stars And let me know how calm you feel…