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So, What do you choose?

Falling down is an accident Staying down is a choice; Brilliant are my feelings On this side. Wicked thoughts make my day, It’s easy going when you smile, Let your thoughts flow like water. Shut up and dance, Everything’s gonna be alright, When you…

Battle with Self..

Every part of me fights against the odds to survive the everyday reality; every single part of me, every little cell. Some of them die daily, some of them are born every day, all to keep me alive and ready to tackle life with…

Morning Morning!!

Just this morning, when I was discovering the new thoughts & posts WordPress has to offer; I came across a number of posts, some filled with good thoughts, positive vibe; while some bloggers having courage to spell out the emotions and harsh reality fate…

She Walks in Beauty

She walks in beauty like the night
of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
meets in her aspect and her eyes:

A Big 💓 for 💯

Progress is progress; no matter how small. Getting to the mark of 100 followers is a small singular feat for some people (the famous ones), but eventually I made it till here. A big thank you to the lovely people out there, for giving…

Red Night

It was just another regular late evening, when the night was starting to reveal itself. The moon looked empty (half), and the surreal scene unfolded before me. I knew immediately it will turn out to be good (photographer’s keen eye); and here’s the result….

Photo Challenge -3

Premature Life There is something powerful in the pictures. Young, almost new born leaves were fallen and lay besides the old and aged ones. The supple young green color against the crackled old brown. Life is unpredictable. Whatever the reason or circumstances were, they…

Silent Night, Chaotic Mind

When the world sleeps down, lovers ignite the night. Its like beginning of a new day. Read on for a wonderful poem…

Photo Challenge – 1

Starting today, I am giving myself a challenge. I will upload a picture, shot by me, at regular intervals, and do a writeup on that. I will call it Photo Challenge. It’s going to be a tough task ahead, so why not do it!!.