Short Stories- Part 1

Coffee: I like the way it keeps me awake at night. I can laugh, shout, love without any disturbances.

I hate it the way it keeps me awake at night while my boss gently sleeps.


Sleep or You

The day was over and dinner done with. Bae and I were talking something, while she streamed something on Youtube. I kept watching her, and instantaneously the first two lines came out. And then the poem continued, reminiscent of the days.

Sleep or you,
it’s hard to choose.
Tired eyes, curious heart
It’s gonna be hard,
As one has to depart.

The blue tick says you read
Sleep hanging there
barely by thread
Waiting for your reply
Comes in the blink of an eye Read More

Damn it!! Sleep

Ever tried to sleep the entire morning off on a non working day? If you were successful, I am so very jealous of you right now. One thing, then another, then another and they all conjure up together to keep you from having your wishes fulfilled. Damn it!!

What stuffs kept me from sleeping?

  • Early morning call from a friend. (7:15 am)
  • Drop the higher authority to school. (8:30 am)

Meanwhile, after return thought to sleep till 1 pm. Then these happened.

  • Call from cable operator to let me know overdue payments. (9:30 am)
  • Call from office regarding some issues. (9:50 am) {They don’t let you rest even on rest days.}
  • Thought to check how the stocks are performing today, a lil sneak peek.(10:20 am)
  • Now since the laptop was open, catch up on daily news.(10:30 am)
  • Since I’m awake already, let’s have some coffee.(11 am)
  • Since coffee is ready, lets write a new post.(11:15 am)
  • As I write this, I know by the time this post is complete, my sleep will hang itself with whatever dreams left; and I will have no need for it, for now.( 11:15 am onwards).

Ever faced the same situation? I feel for you bro, and if you are one of those rare specimens who were just lucky enough, I wish I had some of your rarity. What do you eat? Let me know.

The one where The Higher Authority is frustrated.

Frustration can be consuming. Simple tasks to rocket science, if frustration finds a way into the mind, it transforms the human into an entirely different entity. I can’t help it when the higher authority says she is frustrated. And when the higher authority gets into such a mundane situation, you know who has to suffer. All I can do is try to console, but trust me… it’s like touching fire to see how hot the flame is. You might get your answer but burn your finger in the process. Every step has to be a careful one, every breathe has to be calculated, and thousands of thoughts cross the mind at what might have been wrong, or to be correct, where I might have been wrong. Somewhere sometime something in the past has to do with this. Something deep forgotton in the sands of time, something you would have done 10 years ago, but something is there. And you can’t actually defend yourself in any way. That’s a henious crime. And if you think silence is your best weapon, you are wrong my friend. Very very wrong. Read More

The One where The Higher Authority puts me Under Arrest

“You are under arrest”, said the police officer.

     “You are guilty”, said my darling.

“Anything you say or do will be used against you in court of law. You can hire a lawyer and if not, one will be provided to you”.
     “Whatever you say or do will be used against you right at this moment (and in subsequent years that follow, or maybe till we both dwell on this planet). You are on your own, and do not try to defend yourself. You will make matter worse for yourself only”.

I guess laws of police are little more lenient for the normal public than are the laws of the house for me.

 If you can relate to this, let me know in the comments….

The One where The Higher Authority pampers me…

Being a husband is like a newborn baby. In the initial phase of married life, he gets pampered and all the attention (from the higher authority) just like a newly born baby. No issues, no tension no worries….atleast he thinks that way. He thinks life is easy going and carefree. But as the days pass by, he opens his eyes to reality. His days of taming start. From a wild animal that he used to be in his bachelor’s days to the domesticated pet he will be.
Then the days of scolding, shouting start gradually. Every move of his is under scrutiny, under the watchful eyes of higher authority. Just like a baby learns to take first steps, a newly made husband learns to step out of house, not to wander, but bring home fresh vegetables, fruits. Initially he is supported and after sometimes, he is on his own. One bad veggie, and he has to suffer.
Then slowly like a baby starts to grow and gets to know the surroundings, the husband has to acquire taste of the higher authority. “Go and buy some biscuits”. You simply can’t go and buy anything or something of your choice. You have to acquire taste of the higher authority, know the goods and bads, and buy accordingly.
And when a baby learns to speak, so does a husband.  “Aye Captain”, and he is good to go. The progress is good; and similarly the baby grows into a full human being, so does the husband, into a domesticated pet, conditioned to follow orders of the higher authority; and in case he diverts from his path, there are innumerous arsenal with the higher authority to bring him back to reality.

Lazy Lad

What is expected from a lazy lad, the kind who enters his room and throws away his clothes with such perfection that even in midst of night with closed eyes, he knows where the stuff is, when he is forced to not use his skills which he has honed over several years of bachelorhood. I console myself by recalling that change is inevitable, the only this that’s constant is change. Yeah, well I kept my hopes high till now. Read More