With Love, Happy Birthday

Staying true to my words albeit little (quite) late, here’s a beautiful poem for the wonderful person (otherwise known as The Higher Authority). Work held me up, or maybe I’m a Lazy Lad, and it’s quite evident to you, so bear with me.

It’s 3rd of May
So is your birthday
While you enjoy your holiday
I sweat it out at; it’s my workday

Changes been too much
You handled it all with the golden touch
Smile adorned your face always
Like you waited for me at the doorway.

Wish you all the happiness
With all the sweetness
Promise to be by you side
As I hold you in my eyes with pride.

Dreams do change to reality at times
You are always the lucky sign
Moments turns to hours with you
This life or another, ‘ll always say “I do”.


The One where the Higher Authority leaves for home

I may have tried to “man-up” bidding you farewell even though it’s for a week, as I write this, tears start to make their way out, force themselves out in the open. Been together for the last 15 months through thick and thin, it isn’t that easy to just let you go. Just to ease myself in this humdrum that’s going inside me, I ordered an extra strong coffee without sugar, taking a sip while thinking of you and writing it down here. I was asking you to be strong, but the truth is I am as weak as you when it comes to saying you goodbye.

As I write this, I’m already in tears, sipping that coffee, sitting in public, thinking of you. I still have a long drive ahead of me (430kms), and will be missing you badly there. Sorry I cant write further, as I have myself to console. Well on the brighter side, I get to play my playlist while driving without annoying you.

Happy flight. See you in a week.

Death: Short Story Part 2

When the Higher Authority laughs more at the Instagram Posts and other silly videos rather than at my jokes, without even giving a look towards me; an inside voice says “Dude, you are screwed (बेटा, तुम तो गयो).

The One with The Higher Authority’s Permission

Sarcasms aside, higher authority actually deserves the title. What do I do? Wake up, get ready, have my breakfast, go to office, come back, go to club, freshen up, dine, and have a few chit chat moments, and go to sleep. All of my day’s work counted on 10 fingertips. But to make chores of my life be counted on 10; a hundred works go uncounted in the background.

From simple stuffs like changing sheets to taking the big decisions; all goes through the higher authority. We have a pact; the higher authority takes all the small decisions- things to buy, things to cook , finance related and all while I take all the big decisions- like should the country impose this law? Where are we going with the financial crunch in the country and how do we tackle them and all. Our work is cut out clearly. Read More

Let’s Mock..

I don’t believe in luck and fate, they are just illusions. But sometimes it feels good to mock the god, cursing him for the bad luck and blah blah… What happens is all our doing, but still mocking him gives a sense of humor. I think that we are all just puppets, with him holding our strings, and at times he would be saying to himself, “Lets have some fun, let’s give a twist in this guy’s life…let’s mock him”. And so God and I continue mocking, and enjoying this stint between us. Just to mock him, I think whatever happens, happens for good; it’s just that I am the exception in every case.

Perks of having (a) Higher Authority

Perks of having (a) higher authority. In case you have more than one, may God save you. Or maybe even he won’t be able.
Being commanded by more than one will be like different strings pulling you in different directions with different forces. And vector physics wont be of any help here. If you were an object where different forces are applied in different directions, resultant force would be a matter of few steps of calculation. But in real life, physics would bow down before you if you even think of it. Read More

Three years of Blogging…

Its been exactly three years since my first blog; and I’m still where I was that day… Well for a change – got married, got my domain (had to pay, obviously) etc etc. This was one medium where I got to write my thoughts and share on a vast platform, which otherwise lay between the pages of various diaries. Smartphones caught up, and it became easier to jot down ideas anywhere everywhere. And the transition happened: from pen and paper to an electronic medium. Read More