Complicated Enlightenment

Everything that the earth helps grow and nurtures eventually end up destroying the earth itself. Consider us humans; and we are all revved up, blinded by the enormous profits and the craze for money that we ( well most of us), have turned a blind’s eye towards it, thinking that we won’t last long enough to witness the destruction, so they go on exploiting the very earth which helped us achieve what we are today. This is just an example to see. Well another and yet powerful example is the blindness and illogical way we preach our religion. God made us, but who made god? The answer is Us. We are always born free, but the things we nurture, habits we inculcate, beliefs we follow, eventually end up destroying our self in one way or another. Either we become biased or force others to believe what we believe. We are the reason for our own pitfall. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Questions always follow us. Is our life then a complicated mathematical equation with more variables? And then for every variable, there must then exist a separate simpler equation to solve the bigger complex one. But we are so engrossed in the bigger picture that we fail to see that the bigger picture is actually a mosaic of simpler ones. Maybe. May not be. Should I spend my time analyzing this stuff? This life has so many unanswered questions that maybe they should be left the way they are. The river of life will find its own path, pave its own way naturally, reach for harmony, settle with peace; unless otherwise forced to follow a strict and complicated route. Just to live simply, should life be led impromptu, and let it decide for itself?


Chaotic World, Silent Self

The world is already busy enough, with all the hum drums and chaos of life. Everyone is busy, no one is at ease. Rising sun paves the way for the start of the chaotic routine one has to follow. Alarms go crazy, snoozing and snoozing. People wake up, cursing it’s just gonna be another day in life, usual, boring and tiring. Life has just begun to resemble a continual warfare. But somewhere, someone amidst of all this, keeps his heart beating, and doesn’t let this materialistic life get on his love life. Someone somewhere might be taking a day off just to be with the loved one, someone somewhere might be going crazy to catch a train to meet the loved one, and catch her by surprise. Someone somewhere still believes that love is above all the money and effort one puts in work, above all the mundane life one leads. Someone somewhere gently listens to his heartbeat, missing that warm touch of his love. Tears would flow silently, lungs would sigh at that moment, and then all he would wish was to hear “I LOVE YOU”.
The world will go on without us, today or tomorrow. There’s no point wasting the life indulging in all the chores and in meanwhile missing all the fun. If the world can go on without us, let it carry on without us for another day. What is life if not recollection of memories and experiences. Later on, after ten twenty years, I won’t remember the work I did, but that crazy moment I hung on will be clearly etched in my memory. Let life be a happy ride even if for just a day. Where people travel by bus, I prefer my bike. Where people prefer bike, I prefer auto or maybe walk. Where people prefer flights, I sometimes prefer trains. Something unexpected always brings out the happy side in me. I want to travel across India in my SUV, stop somewhere on roadside, play my guitar while watching the sun set over the asphalt road. That would mean living life, enjoying even the mundane facts of life, and learning to let go.
Our life is too short to waste it arguing and fighting over silly matters. Anger doesn’t solve any problems, it just stops you from enjoying life. In this world, love is what is mistaken most of the times. Love hurts, that’s for sure, but unless you are hurt, how will you meet someone who will mend it? Fall in love, love till it consumes you, keep happy memories, and stay that way. Someone somewhere might be waiting for that one phone call, however trying to concentrate on work. That one phone call, that one minute of talk, that would mean so much to him. In the cacophony of this mechanical world, when the soft voice of love will echo through his ears into his heart, the brain would freeze that moment and cherish them. Love means waiting for that one true love, which will sweep you of your feet, make you drool all over her and crave for her every time. With open eyes, I want her in front of me; with closed eyes, I want her in my dreams. Crazy means going crazily crazy for her. Tears are something which show the hidden feelings even when someone doesn’t want to share them. I just don’t want anyone near to me, someone I love ever crying. I don’t know what I want to write and where I am going with this article. These are just the feelings I have, thoughts that keep arising in my mind, thoughts which just go on flowing in this crazy mind of mine. Sometimes I feel alone, not because no one is around me, but because my ideas are rated as crazy. I just believe that life is short, and I don’t want to waste it doing daily chores. Of course, I work and I have my own daily routine, but still sometimes it’s okay to think outside of the box, to do something crazy. Crazy doesn’t necessarily means doing anything stupid or jerky, it’s something which makes me feel better, which makes me forget the daily humdrum and boring life.

Puzzling Puzzle…

God created us. Well that’s what I have been told. And I don’t want to spend my life thinking and forming my own opinion, and looking for my creator. Well, my parents are my creator; and for them, their parents.

So we have different religions, different beliefs, different sets of followers of each sect, each having a group of fanatic people who would die and kill for the same, rather than believing in “live and let others live” or as Ruskin Bond once said, “Live and help others live”. So we are selfish, arrogant, hypocrites, yet somewhere the heart beats, and makes us realize we are alive, there’s still hope.

If we celebrate God, shouldn’t we be the one celebrating love? Some say venting out anger and frustration is a relief. I say loving and being loved is a zillion times better. That’s what opposite sexes are for, right? (Or maybe within same sex). But the most important thing is that love should be there. And unless there’s love for fellow human beings, I don’t believe we get any closer to God. People call that nirvana, being closer to God; but for me, being closer to the one I love is more important.

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Missing Mussorie…

The walk down the Camel Back Road, the sweet chill in the air, the moon behind the mountains, the awesomeness of the sun…

When the chill in the air
Warms up the emotions,
When distant white peaks
Makes me long for my love,
When the sun sets
And bulbs sparkle,
When the winding road
Helps me unwind myself,
When the moon rises
And I sit on the bench,
Where a hot cup of tea
Refreshes me,
When I close my eyes to see
I know I miss Mussorie…


दिल की सुनी अब तक
धड़कनों में डूबा रहा कब तक
पता नहीं कब ख़ुद से हो गया अनजान
दिल हो गया काफ़िर
तुम जो बस गये
सपनों में
गीतों में।

हक़ीक़त लगने लगी पहेली
दीपक की रोशनी लगने लगी प्यारी
रात का होने लगा इंतज़ार
जागी एक प्यास सी
तुम जो बस गये
आँखो में
दिल में।

तलब है उस ख़ुदा से
शुक्रिया अदा करूँ उसका
कि उसने तुम्हें बनाया
इतनी तबीयत से
कि सीधे तुम आकर बस गये
रोम रोम में
रूह में ।

A New Beginning…

My mind is a blank canvas,
And your thoughts are the ink…
Etching memories together
That last forever.

Savoring the moments with every breath
And beats of the heart
Binding them with the string of time
That lasts permanently.

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I cried, and I tried
Heart beat, still I am dead
Ink faded, and I craved
For the words, and I failed

Lightning of emotions stuck
Rendered me numb
While I stood still
Leaves of love fumbled.

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Dear You,

This world is not your wish granting factory, so don’t keep your dreams and hope up always. Most of the times you will have to face situations you don’t want to, hear words you wish didn’t exist, do things you wish weren’t feasible; but ultimately you will have to accept the fact. The fact that whatever happens to you is ultimately result of some of your past actions, and you and only you are solely responsible for that. Keep your mind clear of things for which you shouldn’t worry. Worrying unnecessarily about stuff will get to you, so don’t do that. Live life on your terms, with someone who understands you. Love someone, but never rule someone, for no one is your slave. If you think you can rule someone, you are deeply mistaken. You are no fucking dictator, you are just a tiny human being, who is made of 70% water. That’s all what you are. Don’t think too much. Learn to keep mind empty sometimes, because that’s also important. Don’t get angry, because it’s worthless. Better utilize your energy in working out, or thinking. Life is limited, don’t waste it arguing something petty. Their is dearth of caring people out here in this world, do your part. People will like you, acknowledge your talent. You will be subdued by this world. People will try to utilize you, use you, as if you are a commodity for them. Help them, but also learn to say no sometimes. Never pass the fault to someone. If it’s your fault, just accept it. That’s the way you will learn things, by doing them first hand. Like it’s said ,”If you wish for rain, be prepared for mud too”. Life ain’t forgiving, it’s you who make life forgive you. The world will make you cry, make you lose hope in yourself, but don’t give up yet. If you want to cry, just cry, don’t think. Don’t think what people will think of you. The only person who stops you from doing something is you. You are your own biggest fear. Try to overcome that. Life is too short to regret not doing the thing you always wanted to. Take chances, take risk, listen to heart. Love truly, completely. Love someone blindly without asking anything in return, even if it consumes you. Love will all your heart, and not with brain. If you love with brain, that won’t be called love; you will be just under illusion. Expect less, but whatever you expect, let the other person know that. Read books, write down your feelings. Love is not sex, but love is holding hands and realizing this is the moment of happiness. Express yourself, for if you don’t, no one will ever know what you thought of. Learn to spend time alone, to know yourself. Don’t rush on decisions. Don’t judge people. You never know what someone might have faced recently. You ain’t no dictator or lord of this works that you have the right to judge other people. Learn to empathize. And maybe then the world will seem a bit beautiful..
Your Alter Ego.

I Wish…

A few ants struggled to carry a few grains of rice, their walk was haphazard, but I guess they knew what they were doing. A squirrel climbed up the neem tree, and looked cautiously at the event unfolding before him. Though still, he still had that electric movement stored in the legs. A cool breeze blew for just a moment, which offered some respite in the hot and humid day. Though I sat under that neem tree, it was still hot. That neem tree has a special history with me. We both are of the same age. I guess he was planted the day I was born. And now, he has blossomed in a big huge tree, which will go on to live for another 100 years. I witnessed his birth, and if possible, maybe he will witness my death. I just want to sit under that tree, listen to all the birds that come there and sit on his branch. It’s so peaceful there, so many sounds yet so calm. Every time I visit my home, I go there and hug him. I guess if he understands me or sees me through the corner of his secret eye. When sunlight comes filtering through his leaves, the camouflaged pattern dances on the floor, of the leaves and the branches. Ants, squirm through the trunks, in perfect lines, like we used to do back in our school days. Rain would come, and wash away all the settled up dust. I wish we both exchanged our places. I would become a tree, and the neem tree would become a  human, and hug me whenever he would be back home. I would welcome the birds, the squirrels, the ants; and each year, we would celebrate our birthdays. In the breeze, I would sway, carelessly, the leaves would dance recklessly. New fruits would be borne, birds would feast, and I would be happy. Somewhere in another parallel universe, maybe I’m one.

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In the Open Sky

Birds I believe live more freely; for if they could write their feelings, they would go like this…

In the open sky 
I soar above high
Where air of freedom abounds
And love and hate don’t fight like hounds
Looking down,
I see people frown
When life is too small
To waste it walking tall.
Where ants are more civilized
And sharks are more polite
Where trees are cut down
And seeds of caste,gender and religion are sown
Where earth is drenched in blood
While the sea of tears flood
Where idols are prayed
While real women are raped
It’s good I soar above high
In the open sky
Where air of freedom is sweet
And love knows no limit. 

The Cloud and The Earth

It was raining outside my window. The clouds were in full flow with all the passion to shower that rain over the dry earth, the earth who waited for so long for this moment. This is so romantic. As the rain drops were absorbed in her skin, the skin of earth, the soil, a fresh fragrance rose out, something ecstatic, something pure. I believe this is the gift of the earth for the clouds, when the yearning finally ends. The conjugation of this cloud and the earth seems and feels like a true love story, an eternal one, having all the elements of the perfect romance. Without rain, the earth is just dry, all cracked up, lifeless; the separation is too much to bear. Like there’s a pain in heart, a pain of being away from the love. All that is there is just the wait, wait for the rain filled clouds to come back home and shower it’s love. There’s a hope, a fearless dauntless hopeful hope. The wait for one and only one true love is almost nearing its end.
And the clouds, filled with rain for his darling, when they arrive, they arrive in their own style. With lightnings and thunderstorm, they announce their own arrival and make the earth even more restless. Imagine two lovers, one waiting on the other side of the door, growing impatient with every passing moment, while the other arriving as fast as he could to meet her. That restlessness is in the form of soft breeze, blowing calmly yet with an intensity that picks up momentum slowly as the moment of meeting comes near. The clouds, in their own swag, continue with their own light and sound show and gathers up the courage to meet the love after a long time. When finally the cloud arrives at the door, everything falls silent and they both embraces each other with a doting passion. The clouds embrace the earth and shower the rain all over her. The earth seems vibrant now, even more colourful than she was earlier. Tears run down the face of earth, in the form of rivulets, tears of happiness, of joy, of union. And then they go on making love, while the scent of love fills up the air.
The clouds embrace the earth, hug her silently, all silent now, when all the love has been showered. And then with a bright smile, the earth seems happy, smiling widely in a jovial mood, while the cloud in her embrace watches the colourful  smile light up the sky, in form of the rainbow. And that’s when the sun gathers up some courage to come out slowly, to provide some warmth. The flowers are happy, so are the trees and the birds. They all go out and sing their own song and make merry. The love in nature is so pure and so sure that I have no more words to express it.
All the floods and all, I believe this is the result of the cloud’s anger, to see his darling the earth in a painful condition, conditions brought upon by the humans. Imagine if someone hurt your darling, your one true love, wouldn’t you be angry? This is a perfect love story, a perfect union, which keeps on repeating itself.