Picturesque Sky

As I write this, the sun is paving its way, to get ready for sunset. However the sky is still well lit, and it takes so much effort to look into the sun directly. I had to almost close my eyes, as in playing peek a boo and see through my blurred eye lashes. While doing so, long rays of sun seems to emancipate from it in all the directions. Its is still burning bright, and the sky around it is still white, while slowly it gradients to blue all the way. I can see the distant bluish mountain peaks. The peaks are arranged in layers, as in one after another. Cool breeze is blowing and i feel my hands shiver a bit.

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Blindness comes confusing
Confusing reality with dreams.
Convulsions arise in the body,
Subdued only by a touch.
While the melody of strings plays,
Cacophony of thoughts emerge within.
I seem to fall in the abyss of darkness,
And heaviness settles in my heart.
I am dead in my thoughts,
But never my dreams.

Just a Sunset

Sunsets are just a recurring phenomenon, yet they are so powerful and empowering. In this mundane and concrete world, where being on the job is more important than reflecting on one’s self, I am lucky to witness these amazing views almost daily, and everyday its a new experience!


Bike and Rain

The road was clear and wet ahead,and droplets were leaving their mark on my visor. The surrounding was nothing but trees, plain land and distant hills. The engine was constantly churning out power, rear wheel splashing the mist which seemed to vapourize. Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw straight road left behind me, with the tire mark on wet path. I was already completely drenched up in the rain. But with a vigor and enthusiasm to enjoy the nature at its best, I went on. The road was almost empty. I flipped on the headlight switch for it was getting slight dark now. Once in a while, a few trucks would guzz past, with lights on, with their fat tires spraying the mist, as the tires made contact with the wet road. And every time the truck would pass me, I had to steady my balance every time, for I could feel the force. But it felt wonderful. The wet asphalt was just a few inches below my feet, and this is the best thing I love about riding a motorcycle. You never lose the touch with the ground, the road on which I will walk my entire life, the road on which I first learned to ride a bike, had my first accident! Read More