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If you have to fake it to make it, do it.

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? Have you ever doubted your worth? Have that ever crossed your mind? Well, I’ve. What I’ve done to gain confidence to say: ‘I AM WHO I AM’ today. The way you treat or see yourself sets the…

Photo Challenge – 1

Starting today, I am giving myself a challenge. I will upload a picture, shot by me, at regular intervals, and do a writeup on that. I will call it Photo Challenge. It’s going to be a tough task ahead, so why not do it!!.

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Reality check! –

An Open Letter To All Of My Friends Who Take Selfies

Nice thoughts…

Intricate worlds

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The sun is already well above the horizon, but I go on down anyway. It’s a tiny paradise of riotous sound down here, a cacophony of birds – funny to think we associate being in nature with quiet,…

How feminism saved me.