Life is all about demystifying it, getting to know the real meaning of it, and in the way, enjoying it. Pretty small things go unnoticed in the charade of daily chores. My relation with reading and writing seems to be getting strong with each memory, the urge to capture that memory gets strong everyday. I believe its insanely insane, but the reason I write is to be able to recall everything, in case I lose my memory. It’s funny, but it is as it is. It’s like enjoying the finer moments in life, the rains, the roads, the sun. This blog is an effort to find the way in the wilderness, to see the beauty in nature; and in the course of life, an attempt to try and demystify it. Happy writing!!

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  1. Happy writing… 🙂 It also came in my thoughts that someday if I’m gone or my memories gone, my words remain… such an insane thought but as you said it is what it is…

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