The End.

It’s been almost a month, since my posts “4 Words Daily” stopped. Circumstances were such, time was at a premium: and many more things happened equivalently. Posts like them require research and demand time, and though I thought I am adamant enough to continue it for an year (at least), it didn’t last that long.

Saddening though it is, we deal with things. That’s the human nature. It was fun, playing with words, doing research, finding the meanings, and especially the phonetics, which I never cared to give a thought earlier. Hope the amazing people reading this found my those posts helpful. It was bit of an experiment, bit of a challenge and hell lotta fun. 

Poems and all will continue to flow, pictures will be posted; and if I stumble upon any other crazy amazing idea, it will be up here.

Let me know your views, because your thoughts and comments always keep me going…



8 Comments on “The End.

  1. Hey Ritwik …was wondering where did you disappear …….. happens with all of us ya …take your time and I am looking forward to what you post next

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  2. You’d not believe it when I say that just this afternoon was I wondering why don’t I see the ‘4 words daily’ and thought I should write a mail to you. And here you are 😊 Glad to see you back and take all your time to gather your thoughts, we’d patiently wait for the magic

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