Life’s a Dream.

You can’t wake if you haven’t slept
Dream if you haven’t wept
Life itself is a puzzle
What fun if you haven’t played.

Daily chores of life
Negate the fun, to be precise.
Life feels like a circus ring
We fake all the laughter and smiles.

In the mirror we see
Reflection of what we have been
Naked truth laid bare
We try hard to conceal.

Amidst all the Hocus Pocus
Attempt to focus
Close thy eyes for a while
It won’t hurt, it’s innocuous.

Let time come to standstill
I say, just chill.
Throw that tie, forget the pain
Remember the last time you danced in the rain.

Forget the risk
Take the fall
If that’s what you want
It’s worth it all.


7 Comments on “Life’s a Dream.

    • Thank you!!
      In midst of all those 4 words, it’s hard to find time to accommodate poetry; So sometimes I put in extra effort. And when such beautiful words as yours compliment them, it really makes up the day for me…

      Have an amazing day!!


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