Words Compilation: September

Once again, all the (new) words that appeared in my blog this last month have been compiled. It’s a pleasure working on such informative stuffs. This has been going on for some 80 days I guess; and each day something new appears. Hope you fellas share the same love for words. Have an amazing day!!

Adscititious Artisanal Effable Thalassic
Perfervid Ephemeral Vagarious Concinnity
Osculation Conundrum Invidious Apoptosis
Lascivious Adamantine Intersperse Ambrosial
Idiosyncrasy Exasperate Clishmaclavar Myrmidon
Nocent Ennui Mellifluous Nuance
Orphic Apricity Pseudo Transpicuous
Obstreperous Juxtapose Panacea Resurrect
Facinorous Panglossian Ineffable Aeon
Rapture Rummage Veneer Wry
Conjecture Corybantic Incognito Rhetoric
Kith Tenacious Drapery Discombobulate
Omniscient Deportment Imperious Hurtle
Laxity Prudence Circumspect Demiurgic
Surmise Corrigendum Paramour Insipid
Denigrate Fickle Visage Flounder
Preordain Behest Apiarist Anthology
Zeal Dysphoria Phantasm Spectre
Inexorable Confluence Remnant Melange
Abomination Brazen Retribution Hysteria
Malevolent Repress Bromide Vicious
Impertinent Abeyance Indignation Congruous
Insolent Meagre Congeal Somnambulant
Imperious Dreg Creed Simper
Immolate Dementia Stifle Expropriate
Abdicate Acquiescence Inordinate Precarious
Cacoepy Milieu Sardonic Petrichor
Coterie Germane Obdurate Recrudescence
Inebriate Concillate Miasma Victual
Orotund Implacable Utopia Prodigal

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