Words Compilation: August

So, the compilation of the words for the last month has been done.  It’s one thing to post daily, and another to compile the words, and have a quick glance at them. Though I try and make every effort that words don’t get repeated, it happened this time, and Surfeit was posted twice. Maybe it happened subconsciously, but glad that I found it. Hope you enjoy the compilation, and that it proves helpful to you. Feel free to use and share the knowledge, let people know: for the purpose of these series of posts is to share the knowledge to as many people as we can. I’m learning too in the process and its been really nice to see many positive comments that inspire me to work harder on them.

Ataraxy Mien Excogitate Smaze
Sanguine Exuberant Appease Detritus
Abominate Truncate Pedantic Mendicant
Vex Tether Spasm Execration
Mezzotint Expedite Palpitate Stifle
Bland Exigent Fungible Impunity
Nugatory Aught Uppity Conspectus
Prudence Sagacious Lunatic Surfeit
Allay Haughty Pietism Peril
Canard Mendacious Intangible Inchoate
Vehement Antagonistic Reprehend Vilipend
Rapport Impetuous Adulation Puckish
Improbity Rectitude Servile Edict
Allusion Coalesce Cynosure Emblaze
Nonchalant Orgulous Lapidary Bowdlerize
Cognitive Imbecile Gibber Climactic
Adulterate Cataclysm Contrive Arrant
Surfeit Rife Conglomerate Orphic
Sophomore Smolder Perorate Dirge
Vitriol Despot Weald Debunk
Brusque Contumelious Refute Odious
Quixotic Careen Poltergeist Supplant
Evanescent Glen Axiom Subterfuge
Enervate Lachrymose Nihilist Vaunt
Zeppelin Convolve Proletariat Prodigy
Conflagration Swashbuckler Filch Arraign
Clandestine Doldrums Peregrinate Stigmatize
Rhapsodic Pejorative Contingent Dominion
Tempestuous Nimbus Retrench Hubris
Urbane Friable Assent Desecrate
Amortize Ostensible Abrogate Mantic

Its almost mid September when I’m publishing the list for August, and will try to compile the list for September little early. Any suggestions, improvements, criticism: all are gladly welcome. Do let me know.

Thank you guys for overwhelming support. Love and great health to you all.

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