Leap of Faith!


Something was happening. I lay still on my bed when I heard some sound, sound which was abnormal for it was late at night, coming from inside of my cupboard, around 11. Had it been during the day time, it wouldn’t had aroused such suspicion. But the tiredness of the day’s work took over me, and I was too lazy to get up. So I thought, “Let’s check it out the first thing in the morning”.

I had suspected it for days now.

One day when I woke up and sat on the bed lazily, still rubbing my eyes to ward off any remaining sleep, it crossed by the refrigerator in an instant. I had thought it was just an illusion, but last night made my intuition clear. It was actually a mouse, which has been thriving in my room for days now; which I believe has been for quite some days now.

After getting myself fresh and ready for the start of the day, I was now ready to face it. I gathered my weapon, which in this case was a wiper.

Since we live in hostel right now, the room was all. It housed a refrigerator, double bed, and two cupboards along with some littered clothes and bed sheets. There were ample spaces, nooks and corner for the mouse to hide, vantage points, which were clearly out of my thinking or knowledge. The first thing that I did was close the kitchen door, so that the mouse doesn’t feel itself lucky once again. The thing is that sometimes mouse scare me, for once during my childhood days, I was bitten by one. I had accidentally tripped on its tail, and in retaliation, it bit me. I was suddenly rushed to a hospital for the necessary vaccinations and all. So somewhere in the corner of my mind, that incident was still clear. So before I opened the door, I made sure boots were in place.

The thing is that in my room there are two cupboards, and I had thought that the other was closed, but there was a slight window of opportunity for the mouse, which I wasn’t able to perceive. Ignorant of this fact, I opened the cupboard where the mouse has been residing since last night. I could see shredded papers, plastics; all these made my doubts clear that there was indeed a mouse; the flash I saw that morning was a real mouse!

It was concealed behind some bubble wraps and plastic bags. Cautiously I removed items one by one, with the end of the wiper, keeping myself as far as I could in case the mouse plans to jump out. After three four items were removed, I could see it finally, and it was a big fat one.

The black eyes shone under the florescent light.

And it was sitting as if on some throne, staring back at me. Now I tried to keep myself as far as possible, holding the end of the wiper, stretching my arm. As soon as I poked it, it jumped out and ran for the kitchen. I assume the kitchen was his favorite location, for it has provided him days of delicacy and savored the foods there. But it was locked! Along the edges of the door, it tried to jump, as if force its way through it, but was unable to do so. And then unexpected stuff happened.

The mouse ran for the other cupboard, and somehow sneaked inside.

“No, it can’t be happening”, I said to myself.

Why didn’t I lock the other one? But the time was gone to correct the wrongs. All that I could do was gather courage once again and try to force that devil out once again. By this time, Shekhar, my neighbor, was in my room. Together we discussed our future course of action so that we drive it out finally. He recalled an incident from his college days, when a mouse had made Shekhar’s cupboard his own; and when finally it was driven out, he was followed by another two or three of his kids. “What if in my other cupboard there are other mouse too?” The problem with the other was that it was neighbored by table, rack, bed and so many wires- broadband connection wires, speaker jack wires, laptop cable. And I hardly used that. So with help of Shekhar, I moved the bed, adjusted the cables, made sure other cupboard was closed, along with kitchen and bathroom doors.

So now Shekhar took off his slippers, in his hands like his arsenal against the mighty mouse, and slowly opened the cupboard. Again, it housed the shopping bags, books, carry bags and such stuff. Slowly, after making slapping sounds with slippers, he moved items one by one. There was one Adidas carry bag. As soon as he put the bag down, the mouse jumped from it and once again made way for kitchen.

Poor fella, hard luck once again.

And Shekhar made sure he closed the cupboard firmly. Where would the mouse go now except for the main door, and I felt relieved for a second. But that bastard snuggled inside the sheets and clothes littered near the refrigerator. Damn!

Once again, now I picked up the wiper, and with its end, started poking the sheets, in hope that the mouse gets away. I poked there, then made sure he wasn’t under the refrigerator. But no, couldn’t find him. Finally, after I poked a few more times, the mouse came out. Shekhar was standing with slippers in his hand, so that mouse doesn’t circle the room again. I jumped as I saw mouse jumping towards me. It was more for my own safety precaution. Shekhar was jumping too but still we both managed to drive away the mouse out from the room finally. If somebody from outside had seen us jumping like that, we would have been certified crazy!

It gave me such a relief, like a serious mission accomplished!

But I wasn’t satisfied yet. So I went out to see if the mouse was still in our floor. If yes, then it would again make way into my room somehow later on. I found it sitting near the staircase, and yeah , it was fat! Earlier when I saw it, it was surrounded by stuff and I couldn’t see that properly. But now it was out in open, and it was fast given the weight it has put on.

Again armed with my wiper, I poked the mouse. I was afraid to go near it (for obvious reasons), so again ached myself, arm stretched as far as I could and poked it. I guess the mouse was lazy and didn’t respond to the impulse. Once again I poked it, and slapped my slippers against the tiled floor, so as to scare him. And it registered slight movement which soon translated into motion. It ran for the surrounding wall, tried to climb it, but it was high enough for him to be unsuccessful. And then again sat down. I guess it was trying to gather its breath. As soon as I poked again, it jumped and ran towards me. Sacred as hell for a moment, I jumped again, to avoid being in it’s way.

I didn’t know the mouse would try this, but it again ran towards my room. Thank God, it was locked from outside, otherwise this whole ordeal, this whole energy spent would have been fruitless, and the mouse would have laughed at me… Look at this silly mortal hooman being.

But what happened next just blew me.

Shekhar was there too, outside his room with door locked. He ran after the mouse to chase it. There is this veranda outside our room, a common one. It has railing bars, fitted with vertical iron rods, at some elevation from the floor. So now the mouse was in full motion, and Shekhar chasing him. He stopped for a while to watch where the mouse would go, for it was the end of our floor. However, the mouse didn’t stop. It ran, jumped at the elevated position, stretched all its four legs and jumped down. I was as astonished as Shekhar. The mouse didn’t even think for a while, as to where it is going, how far, how down; it just jumped what I call A LEAP OF FAITH! And then it was gone. If only this episode was filmed, every time I would see it, it would surprise me.


P.S: This incident occurred almost three years ago; and every time I fly back down in the past, it seems crystal clear.


5 Comments on “Leap of Faith!

  1. Oh boy ……you have glorified the mouse ……..the whole thought of a mouse gives me creeps ….eeewww. But you narrated it so well …the power of the pen


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