The 90’s kid

90’s was a hip time. Change was starting to take place, things started to seem different. Mobile phones were in a nascent stage, social networking was yet to be born. In lieu of all these, this amazing post caught the right nerve and I was time lapsed back in those days, where I was just a kid, learning to walk and talk, to perceive the world, trying to be what I’m today. Read on, and let me know if you’re a 90’s kid and felt a gush of nostalgia take you back in time.

High Heel Confidence

We’re probably the last generation to have lived a life outside the social media bubble now when I think of it, I’m blessed to see the contrast. We lived in two different centuries which is awesome. 🤟🏼

Back in the time we used to take photographs on special occasion and of them who mattered and when we go for a vacation, we didn’t have the luxury of clicking random photos and taking 4-5 different angles but, that lack of luxury usually resulted in really good family photos that we cherished for years.

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