4 Words Daily: Day 40

“For success, attitude is equally as important as ability”. – Walter Scott

The words for today are:

  • Allusion  \ ə-ˈlü-zhən \
    • An implied or indirect reference especially in literature.
  • Coalesce \ ˌkō-ə-ˈles \
    • To come together to form one group or mass
  • Cynosure  \ ˈsī-nə-ˌshu̇r\
    • A center of attraction or attention
  • Emblaze \ im-ˈblāz \
    • To set ablaze



List of previous four words:

  • Nonchalant
  • Orgulous
  • Lapidary
  • Bowdlerize


If you would like to make any suggestions or improvements; they are gladly welcome. Let me know through your comments!!

Thanks 🙏 for visiting!! Have a great 👍 day…Hope this little blog post helped you in some way or another. If it did, I’m really glad (I’m sure there’s no scope for this post not being helpful!!). Cheers 🍻 .

photo of a toast


http://www.brainyquote.com for the Quote.
Oxford Dictionary, Merriam Webster Dictionary for words, definitions and phonetics…


12 Comments on “4 Words Daily: Day 40

  1. The Cynosure of your blog lies in your attitude towards blogging along with your abilities .it will definitely clip you to the cliff of success 😊

    Keep sharing, brother 💜


  2. I remember when in school encountering the word ‘cynosure’ for the first time. I think it was in the short story ‘The Diamond Necklace’. And we laughed hysterically when someone mentioned that cynosure means a ‘dog’s tail’!!! He wasn’t wrong actually. Cynosure comes from the Greek word ‘kynosoura’ which means dog’s tail!!

    Liked by 1 person

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