120 Words, 30 Days, No excuses!!

This will be a long post…and no I don’t mean long sentences and paragraphs. Since one month completed with “4 Words Daily: Day 30”, I dont know if its a good idea to compile all the words and present it here. It certainly took effort and time (colder coffee turned normal!!).

Let me know your favourite words through comments, and that will make me smile.

Thank you everyone for your wishes and love.

Thanks HighHeelConfidence, Diana, Kranti, letscarpediam, Sakshi, momlifewithchiari, Fauxcroft , Madhusudan, Weeping Pines and all the other wonderful bloggers for making a constant presence in my notifications!!

P.S: If you think you’ll get bored, please keep a cup of coffee ready! Posts like this will be coming out every month.

Enervate Lachrymose Nihilist Vaunt

Diseuse Conflagration Clandestine Anomalous

Convolve Swashbuckler Doldrums Intransigent

Proletariat Filch Peregrinate Apocryphal

Prodigy Arraign Stigmatize Malfescence

Rhapsodic Tempestuous Urbane Stalwart

Pejorative Nimbus Friable Cursory

Contingent Retrench Assent Clout

Dominion Hubris Desecrate Reproach

Amortize Inchmeal Beguile Deign

Ostensible Fustigate Diffident Admonish

Abrograte Balmy Cadence Delectation

Mantic Pugnacious Simulacrum Empyrean

Emolument Troll Gumption Fortuitous

Aplomb Ideologue Nimiety Rancor

Reticent Exculpatory Benevolent Phlegmatic

Octothorpe Promulgate Transmorgify Obviate

Halcyon Pro Rata Indemnify Pulchritude

Vouchsafe Festinate Pernicious Droll

Declivity Acolyte Drivel Coerce

Mercurial Paste Saturnine Cerebrate

Gestate Attribute Indolent Prefatory

Exacerbate Indigent Epoch Wanton

Solicit Comeliness Disparge Imbroligo

Nefarious Bucolic Trite Nimiety

Luscious Tacid Intrepid Aforementioned

Ablation Tout Efficacy Brigand

Loquacity Glib Incorrigible Ocular

Ventriloquist Soliloquy Musard Obsolete

Lackadaisical Biogtry La Dolce Vita Dogma


20 Comments on “120 Words, 30 Days, No excuses!!

  1. Indeed it takes effort and time!! thank you dear for mentioning my name and it’s my absolute pleasure!! Well all are my favorites.. with wonderful quotes these words are just icing on the cake!!

    Liked by 1 person

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