4 Words Daily: The Story behind the Start!

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” Carol Burnett
When this idea first struck me, I thought it as a lame one. Then I remembered that I have been writing in my precious dairy for the last 10 years; and I cant even find some of them. Blogging is relatively new (3 years) and had been haphazard for the last year. I’m finding rhythm in it. And since I have had a decent vocabulary for years, its time to refresh it and add new words. So I started this pet project of mine to learn and read a few words daily and improve myself. I may encounter a few words already known, but for the rest, it will be a gift.

Then one day ( a different day), while having a conversation with The Higher Authority, this idea stuck me. I thought if I continue for 365 days, I might as well get famous (silly thoughts you know, are my forte) and then the chain of day dreaming started. If this, then that and then this and then that and blah blah blah. Sudden jolt from The Higher Authority, and I was back in my own realm, this mortal Earth (India), where being an Engineer is so common that I followed my passion of writing after getting an Engineering Degree (backup, you know: In case I fail at one, I have the other option!). So, with a nimble start, and lots of enthusiasm and zeal and vigor and excitement and progressive aggression, I penned the first blog in this series.


Since I’m doing this, and that is final, why not share it with the world. The best thing about this is that I become famous! I’m joking. The best thing is that I share my knowledge with the world out there, help a few bloggers (like they need my help and been waiting for me to come up with something silly like this): and if nobody finds it useful, at least I get to learn them anyways.

BTW, We all know that two negatives makes a positive. Have you heard of two positives making a negative? Yeah, Right!

If you get the joke, someday we will share a beer. If not, lemme clarify. “Yeah” and “Right” individually generally mean something positive; combine them and you get the idea, like when you ask a person out for a date and that person says at your face “Yeah Right!”. Would you still be willing?


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