Thinking 💭 something Distinct!

I’m having a feeling I need to do something. Feeling that I should do to challenge myself, something I have to honour and religiously work on. Some ideas💡 come by, floating in ether, some make me unsure 😐, while for some, I deem myself  lazy: Lazy Lad that I’m. But the time has come (10/07/2018, 11:00am), whatever that time means.

  • Post a picture each day for the next 365 days.
  • Write an article ( however large or small)  for the next 365 days.
  • Do nothing for the next 365 days (the easiest one☝️!! ) : I’m not doing this btw.
  • Four words each day for the next 365 day; the assignment I used to do back in school.  This I guess will bring back the memories (and the hardships I used to face).This reminds me of the incident back in the school times. Since English was a mandatory language for us, ( I’m from Bihar, a state in India 🇮🇳 ) as our school was a Christian Missionary one; we were given assignments by our teacher to learn a few English words each week and try to incorporate them in our essays. Well this may seem easy, but who the hell uses easy words? As kids (I guess in 7th or 8th standard), me and my peers were on the lookout for the most hardest words we could find. Oxford Dictionary, Merriam Webster Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary; we had it all. I still remember a few words I had memorised at that time:
    • Lackadaisical : Lacking life or interest or enthusiasm.
    • Bigotry : Intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from self.
    • La Dolce Vita : A life of self indulgence (It’s French, but it was there in Oxford, so I had it memorised)
    • Raiment : Clothing
    • Dogma : A belief that is accepted by members without being questioned to doubted.


When I used these words in my essay, I remember my teacher 👨‍🏫  calling me upto her table and specifically asking me not to use such heavy words. I must say, I felt proud at that moment, for the inner me knew that the teacher didn’t know the meaning and had no dictionary on her!

So from some day in future, I will start with posting a few words along with their definitions, which may help you (as it helped me) or maybe it would be fun to come across a few words obscure to you.  And call it

4 Words Daily


Be on lookout for it. Happy learning!!


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