Cacophony of Thoughts

I was sitting on the porch, and it was a lazy afternoon. The dry breeze was blowing, and surprisingly, it offered some respite from the heat. in the breeze, i saw a few leaves fall to the ground, saying their goodbye slowly as they hit the ground. I wondered “Did the tree miss those leaves?” “Did the leaves have any emotional scene before leaving the tree?”. Lost in these thoughts, the grey cells fumbled upon the words, which formed a poem; a poem of longings, desires and cacophony of thoughts.

The sunlight came filtering through the leaves,
Thoughts clamor within the silent self
Is this true me or just an illusion?
I sit motionless while my shadow dances to the sun.
The leaves rumble in the breeze,
When the thoughts start to take a form,
No, it can’t be happening again…
The buried thought shouldn’t rise yet again.
The movement of leaves forms a symphony,
I close my eyes; let the thought burn
The carnal desires start to scream,
Was it reality or just a dream?
A few leaves drop down, being swept away
Life snatched with just a gust.
If everything was this simple
Depart and no longer linger; lost and no longer be found.

This poem was published previously in my blog..


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