Cadence of Your Voice

We all have been there; felt it. The soothing voice of loved ones act as a balm over the burnt wound. To express the feelings, here’s a short little poem I wrote for The Higher Authority, and now sharing it here…

Cadence of your lovely voice
Surrounds the self,
While they are only whispers
They cast their spell.

Shallow breaths turn racy
And heartbeats become pacy
With such upheaval within me
Eyes are no more sleepy.

As I rummage my hair
A smile breaks, it’s only fair
The feeling is heavenly
And I will guard it ever preciously.


5 Comments on “Cadence of Your Voice

  1. This was such a beautiful poem! ❤
    I was smiling throughout the entire read; your language was just so elegant and it was such a sweet reminder of better times…
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

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