Month: June 2018

Red Night

It was just another regular late evening, when the night was starting to reveal itself. The moon looked empty (half), and the surreal scene unfolded before me. I knew immediately it will turn out to be good (photographer’s keen eye); and here’s the result….


I was just trying to capture a drop of water on the edge of a rose leaf with a macro lens, when the idea struck me. Thought it won’t do any harm to experiment a lil’ bit. And after a few trial shots, this…

Photo Challenge -3

Premature Life There is something powerful in the pictures. Young, almost new born leaves were fallen and lay besides the old and aged ones. The supple young green color against the crackled old brown. Life is unpredictable. Whatever the reason or circumstances were, they…

Goa: Connecting unmarried and married dots.

Originally posted on High Heel Confidence:
On our very first date, I remember him telling me how he wished to go to Goa and have an experience that no other place can offer you. I, on the other side of the table, judging him…

Childhood Tales: Clinics and Doctors

When a doctor becomes your closest friend as a kid; illness doesn’t matter. But when you realize as an adult, your true friend is no more; all you can do is remember him and write.

Booze Says it’ll be All Right

Its Friday night, and when booze flows; it says ” Everything will be all right”

Silent Night, Chaotic Mind

When the world sleeps down, lovers ignite the night. Its like beginning of a new day. Read on for a wonderful poem…

Time to Act

We get killed, there are cries We kill them, no one cries. We are hurt, we take care, We hurt them, we seldom care. We destroy them to live, little realizing We will be destroyed if they don’t live. The trees never speak They…

Cadence of Your Voice

We all have been there; felt it. The soothing voice of loved ones act as a balm over the burnt wound. To express the feelings, here’s a short little poem I wrote for The Higher Authority, and now sharing it here… Cadence of your…