Photo Challenge – 2

Water Drops. 

Rains are amazing; even more amazing is the view after them. After the rains, all I go out to capture are the drops. I went out, as the rains had just stopped. Armed with my mobile phone and a (cheap)macro clip-on lens; I knew something or other would be there, waiting for me. Droplets can be amazing to capture.

It was office time, and the work was completed. I had some spare time, so ventured out. The thing about macro photography is that they can be quite tedious to observe. You need a keen eye, an eye for elusive details to see them. Luckily for me, I was glad to have seen the beautiful view.

Hanging Drop
A drop of water hangs between two leaves…

Rain drops
Rain drops form beads on the blade of grass.

Sometimes it pays to visit the mother nature and look for beauty in the tiniest of things, to go out and explore, see the beauty; and when captured; share it with the world to see…

To see these images and some other, head to my Instagram page here.

Next challenge will be creativity….any suggestions or help are welcome!!


12 Comments on “Photo Challenge – 2

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  2. Thanks so much for introducing yourself to me! A blog of photography and WORDS…. I can tell I’m going to really enjoy myself here 🙂

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