Without the Higher Authority – Final Conclusion

Start is difficult, and the previous two days have taught me the lesson. Making meals means dirty dishes, means more work for me. I decided from now on (for the next two days), I’ll have my meals at canteen, nothing too fancy, just regulars. I’m getting smarter.

Smart is just another fancy word for me, and how I wished to use it wisely. Forgot to water the plants today; thank God for the gorgeous weather here (and that I had watered them yesterday), they were still hale and hearty. I’ll totally miss out on things, so I decided to make a checklist for daily chores and travel planning. Thanks to it, I was able to download tickets and all and pack toiletries; which would have otherwise been missed, I’m pretty sure of that. One thing I learnt – making a mess is too easy, sorting and arranging the stuffs are the real deal. Finally after sweating it all out, packing all the necessities, I’m ready for the journey – to catch up with family and friends.

These last few days, reminiscent of the past life (pre-marriage era); were fun. I’m not saying this but by sister made a statement “This last week you enjoyed the Independence Day, while the nation will celebrate it on 15th August”. Not that I disagree, but “Higher Authority”, if you’re reading this, it’s not my statement!!

Just in case the earlier parts were missed, here they are:

Cheers fellas; next post will be from home!! Ciao


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