Photo Challenge – 1

Starting today, I am giving myself a challenge. I will upload a picture, shot by me, at regular intervals, and do a writeup on that. I will call it Photo Challenge. It’s going to be a tough task ahead, so why not do it!!

Up until now, in most of my blog posts, the scenario was quite the opposite. I would do the write-ups, and then search for the relevant image to compliment that. And I guess most of us bloggers here follow the same.

Hope I survive this new challenge, and in the process of it all, test myself and keep you guys entertained. Since it’s a new endeavour, any suggestions and advice is gladly welcome.

P.S: This lovely picture was captured on a lovely evening at my office site on iPhone, and edited in Snapseed.

And as always, I wish myself all the best in this endeavour.


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