Journey of my blog…

If ever there was an award for “The most infrequent blogger ever“, no wonder I would have been the king, dethroning every other for the last year or the previous one before that.

Consider the world a vast ocean, where you venture out with your very own small boat when blogging for the first time. With every (regular) post, it’s like you’re investing on that boat itself, going a little bit far from the shore where it all started. Move even further, and you will find other boats too, other like minded people with there own boat, out to venture in an adventure. We interact, make completely new friends. That’s where we gain followers, likes and comment. Quite a correlation.

I loved writing, and been doing so from the age of 13-14. I always had my personal diary, would write random stuffs. My father is himself a writer, so maybe I got that from him. When I started to blog, I was excited and curious. I felt it super cool to share my thoughts not just with friends (which we all have been doing on Facebook), but with complete strangers with similar thoughts and thinking.

My first post Blindness, I published on 27th April,2015. That’s when I first took my boat and ventured out in the vast expanse of the ocean of blogging. I was consistent though, and my boat kept on moving forward. The journey felt exciting, I just counted the posts I published year wise

2015: 43 posts

2016:9 posts

2017: 1 post (like seriously??)

2018: 23 posts (already…)

I still don’t understand what happened to me. Yeah I was facing issues and dealing with them, but even I know I shouldn’t have given up on writing, which I have carried with me since childhood. I went aloof from the digital world, and instead devoted my time reading books. I was so engrossed in reading, that I would complete three to four novels per month.

I got married to “The Higher Authority” in 2017, and that was the most beautiful thing that happened. I have been publishing posts about my experiences, transition from a bachelor to domestic husband, and all. And now after a stall in the ocean, I could feel my boat gaining some speed, moving ahead and catching up with other fellow bloggers on their own journey.

I feel proud, for seeing me blog, my wife too ventured out with her own boat, with her own ideas into this vast realm. She loved writing too, but never took it to this level. Imagine someone who loves boat and ocean, but has never set sail to it. So I convinced her, supported in whatever ways, giving ideas and doing shoots; and now she’s totally into it. Do give a read to her blog High Heel Confidence .

I know, this has been a long post. While I generally keep my posts short, I just went on writing, penning thoughts (it should be changed to typing thoughts as hardly we do use pen and paper for such things now!!) as they came in my mind, right from my very first post to this one.


10 Comments on “Journey of my blog…

    • Like I mentioned “We all in our own small boat venture out to find like minded people”, and blame the digital age for it…

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  1. You have a beautiful blog here. Continue writing. 🙂

    (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve restarted my blogging – I’ve been writing for a long, long time, and I’ve lost entire blogs from the past… but that never stopped me from starting again.)

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