If you have to fake it to make it, do it.

For if you need some motivation to start off your day, or maybe if life has got just an upler edge over you, all you need is a hint of self confidence. And you will see all those fragile enemies vaporised in the ether. This reposted blog by The Higher Authority will sure cheer up the day and if not all, give you a few ideas for that inner Hercules in you to conquer the world….


High Heel Confidence

Have you ever doubted your worth? Have that ever crossed your mind? Well, I’ve.

What I’ve done to gain confidence to say: ‘I AM WHO I AM’ today.

The way you treat or see yourself sets the tone for how other people treat and see you.

To receive a positive outcome, you can not give a negative effort. Likewise, to receive good vibes from others, you NEED to feel good within yourself .well that’s hard because everyday, we are constantly fighting a battle against NEGATIVITY . But by simply repeating positive affirmations and embracing who you’re, you’re going to start feeling like a QUEEN . And that’s one of the best ways to gain confidence .

Know yourself what you stand for and who you are.

How can life be an adventure if you have no goals? Same goes for you! How can you be confident if you don’t know…

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