With Love, Happy Birthday

Staying true to my words albeit little (quite) late, here’s a beautiful poem for the wonderful person (otherwise known as The Higher Authority). Work held me up, or maybe I’m a Lazy Lad, and it’s quite evident to you, so bear with me.

It’s 3rd of May
So is your birthday
While you enjoy your holiday
I sweat it out at; it’s my workday

Changes been too much
You handled it all with the golden touch
Smile adorned your face always
Like you waited for me at the doorway.

Wish you all the happiness
With all the sweetness
Promise to be by you side
As I hold you in my eyes with pride.

Dreams do change to reality at times
You are always the lucky sign
Moments turns to hours with you
This life or another, ‘ll always say “I do”.


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