The One with The Higher Authority’s Permission

Sarcasms aside, higher authority actually deserves the title. What do I do? Wake up, get ready, have my breakfast, go to office, come back, go to club, freshen up, dine, and have a few chit chat moments, and go to sleep. All of my day’s work counted on 10 fingertips. But to make chores of my life be counted on 10; a hundred works go uncounted in the background.

From simple stuffs like changing sheets to taking the big decisions; all goes through the higher authority. We have a pact; the higher authority takes all the small decisions- things to buy, things to cook , finance related and all while I take all the big decisions- like should the country impose this law? Where are we going with the financial crunch in the country and how do we tackle them and all. Our work is cut out clearly.All kudos to the higher authority; from managing the home to being a teacher, life’s tough. (Managing kids at school is tougher. I kinda make life at home easier. ) But there’s smile all the time, and that makes me think, I should add one more chores to my fingertip, and make life a bit easier for her.

Well, she’s a blogger herself, an avid reader of my blog; and enjoys it. Had she been an atrocious kind of woman, my blog would have been put down; but she instead takes it light hearted and laughs out loud reading it. One day she spoke “ I should be careful about what I do, or else it might end up in your blog.” I replied,”Your actions are the source, just do what you do”. You entertain my life, I entertain you in my way, known to the world as my Higher Authority.


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