Perks of having (a) Higher Authority

Perks of having (a) higher authority. In case you have more than one, may God save you. Or maybe even he won’t be able.
Being commanded by more than one will be like different strings pulling you in different directions with different forces. And vector physics wont be of any help here. If you were an object where different forces are applied in different directions, resultant force would be a matter of few steps of calculation. But in real life, physics would bow down before you if you even think of it.Well coming to the point, perks of having higher authority. You are taken good care of, well fed and nurtured, ensured put on clean clothes and maybe if you are lucky enough, may have a chance to hang out with friends more often than your not so lucky counterparts. Like one of my friend who hosted a party one night at another friend’s place had to convince his higher authority about the guest list, about the menu and provide for standby entertainment. So after all the hard work and valiant effort, everything paid off and we all had a great time at the party.
Moral: Keep the higher authority satisfied and your stars and planets and all whatever you consider lucky will align and luck will favor you.

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