Three years of Blogging…

Its been exactly three years since my first blog; and I’m still where I was that day… Well for a change – got married, got my domain (had to pay, obviously) etc etc. This was one medium where I got to write my thoughts and share on a vast platform, which otherwise lay between the pages of various diaries. Smartphones caught up, and it became easier to jot down ideas anywhere everywhere. And the transition happened: from pen and paper to an electronic medium.

I didn’t write when I completed one year or two years here; well because I was still nascent to this or maybe I forgot. But now, with passing time comes maturity and the stint of three years made the connection between writing and me more stronger.

There’s a special connection to the first of everything; be it the first bike you owned, the first guitar you played. Well, the first post I published here holds that same connection to me. I’m reposting that same poem here, out of respect for that same post, which for me began a new connection to the world of blogging on WordPress.

Here’s the poem

Blindness comes confusing
Confusing reality with dreams.
Convulsions arise in the body,
Subdued only by a touch.
While the melody of strings plays,
Cacophony of thoughts emerge within.
I seem to fall in the abyss of darkness,
And heaviness settles in my heart.
I am dead in my thoughts,
But never my dreams.


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