Sleep or You

The day was over and dinner done with. Bae and I were talking something, while she streamed something on Youtube. I kept watching her, and instantaneously the first two lines came out. And then the poem continued, reminiscent of the days.

Sleep or you,
it’s hard to choose.
Tired eyes, curious heart
It’s gonna be hard,
As one has to depart.

The blue tick says you read
Sleep hanging there
barely by thread
Waiting for your reply
Comes in the blink of an eye

Exchange messages for an hour or so
Sleep comes again, saying hello.
Tiring eyes call it a night
I know I’m right
When over sleep, I chose you.

Wine becomes the partner
and you are a lil’ monster charmer.
Stars and moon look down
See two souls like a clown.

Facedown, glued to screen
With open eyes, I dream.
Every night same story unfolds
While wine keeps sleep at hold

You and me, we chat
Sometimes good, at times bad
Its a tough call everyday
When over sleep, I message you “Hey”.


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