Damn it!! Sleep

Ever tried to sleep the entire morning off on a non working day? If you were successful, I am so very jealous of you right now. One thing, then another, then another and they all conjure up together to keep you from having your wishes fulfilled. Damn it!!

What stuffs kept me from sleeping?

  • Early morning call from a friend. (7:15 am)
  • Drop the higher authority to school. (8:30 am)

Meanwhile, after return thought to sleep till 1 pm. Then these happened.

  • Call from cable operator to let me know overdue payments. (9:30 am)
  • Call from office regarding some issues. (9:50 am) {They don’t let you rest even on rest days.}
  • Thought to check how the stocks are performing today, a lil sneak peek.(10:20 am)
  • Now since the laptop was open, catch up on daily news.(10:30 am)
  • Since I’m awake already, let’s have some coffee.(11 am)
  • Since coffee is ready, lets write a new post.(11:15 am)
  • As I write this, I know by the time this post is complete, my sleep will hang itself with whatever dreams left; and I will have no need for it, for now.( 11:15 am onwards).

Ever faced the same situation? I feel for you bro, and if you are one of those rare specimens who were just lucky enough, I wish I had some of your rarity. What do you eat? Let me know.


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