The one where The Higher Authority is frustrated.

Frustration can be consuming. Simple tasks to rocket science, if frustration finds a way into the mind, it transforms the human into an entirely different entity. I can’t help it when the higher authority says she is frustrated. And when the higher authority gets into such a mundane situation, you know who has to suffer. All I can do is try to console, but trust me… it’s like touching fire to see how hot the flame is. You might get your answer but burn your finger in the process. Every step has to be a careful one, every breathe has to be calculated, and thousands of thoughts cross the mind at what might have been wrong, or to be correct, where I might have been wrong. Somewhere sometime something in the past has to do with this. Something deep forgotton in the sands of time, something you would have done 10 years ago, but something is there. And you can’t actually defend yourself in any way. That’s a henious crime. And if you think silence is your best weapon, you are wrong my friend. Very very wrong.

To ease the situation, I went to market and bought some fried dumplings stuffed with spicy potatoes and onions dipped in tangy concoction of mint and tamarind water (I mean Pani Puris). And if that ain’t the cure, nothing can be. Sadly in my situation, those failed to have any effect and with a forced smile I followed the higher authority around the house, hoping to find an answer.

Tired, I gave up and sat down thinking of my next plan, next course of action; when suddenly I heard laughter coming from the bedroom. And then I realized, episodes from F.R.I.E.N.D.S worked miracles. The combination if Joey, Chandler and Ross had an effect on the higher authority’s mood; but that doesn’t mean I am spared from the past. Well for now, I still haven’t found any answers, hoping to find some if extremely lucky, otherwise will keep on bearing the brunt of frustration. I wish myself good luck in my future endeavours.


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