Lazy Lad

What is expected from a lazy lad, the kind who enters his room and throws away his clothes with such perfection that even in midst of night with closed eyes, he knows where the stuff is, when he is forced to not use his skills which he has honed over several years of bachelorhood. I console myself by recalling that change is inevitable, the only this that’s constant is change. Yeah, well I kept my hopes high till now.To survive, one has to adapt, learn the survival strategies, be patient and attack when the time is right. Yup, I am learning to adapt to the cleaner and arranged environment, so clean and arranged that its hard for me to believe this was possible. Survival strategies, yeah…those include checking refrigerator at periodic intervals to make sure veggies are always in stock, for no veggies means no food. Going out for shopping with the higher authority teaches me patience, and to remain calm and composed even in the direst of situations. Attack…oh no, you might get the wrong idea. Attack the pests, that’s what I mean. Killing is easy, getting them out of the house without harming them takes everything to a whole new level. With the arsenal of these strategies, I guess I might have given stiff competition to our ancestors, had there been any competition of this sort.

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