Withering happiness…

If one had to summarize the life lived till the just gone moment, it would be a mixed bag of numerous moments of varied emotions and feelings. But summarizing them, we feel only finite of them. Either we are happy or sad or angry or mad. And one can come up with various synonyms of the same feelings to distinguish them by minute fractions.
I just realized that in the previous sentence “Either we are happy or sad or angry or mad“, for one good vibe (happy), there were three negating them (sad, angry, mad). Life can be a bitch, but all we have to do is enjoy it, knowing someday it will all fall apart. Just like withering flowers…
And here’s a poem describing all these in a few simple words…

Everything is meant to fall apart
Enjoy it while it lasts
Till the last drop in the can
Live life before its banned.
Shout,shriek, jump and laugh
Fall in love before it’s too dark
Enjoy the beautiful day
And let the dreams have their say.
Assume this life is a prize
And live life king size.


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