Month: April 2018

Three years of Blogging…

Its been exactly three years since my first blog; I didn’t write when I completed one year or two years here; well because I was still nascent to this or maybe I forgot.


Short Stories- Part 1 Coffee: I like the way it keeps me awake at night. I can laugh, shout, love without any disturbances. I hate it the way it keeps me awake at night while my boss gently sleeps.

Sleep or You

The day was over and dinner done with. Bae and I were talking something, while she streamed something on Youtube. I kept watching her, and instantaneously the first two lines came out. And then the poem continued, reminiscent of the days.

Damn it!! Sleep

Ever tried to sleep the entire morning off on a non working day? If you were successful, I am so very jealous of you right now. One thing, then another, then another and they all conjure up together to keep you from having your wishes fulfilled. Damn it!!

The one where The Higher Authority is frustrated.

Every step has to be a careful one, every breathe has to be calculated, and thousands of thoughts cross the mind at what might have been wrong, or to be correct, where I might have been wrong. Somewhere sometime something in the past has to do with this. Something deep forgotton in the sands of time, something you would have

The One where The Higher Authority puts me Under Arrest

“You are under arrest”, said the police officer.      “You are guilty”, said my darling. “Anything you say or do will be used against you in court of law. You can hire a lawyer and if not, one will be provided to you”….

The One where The Higher Authority pampers me…

Being a husband under the keen eye of higher authority…