Melancholy of Thoughts…

I was sitting out in the porch, and it was a lazy afternoon. The dry breeze was blowing, and surprisingly, it offered some respite from the heat. In the breeze, a few leaves fell off. I wondered – “Did the tree ever miss those leaves?” They sure are as living as we are. Lost in all these thoughts, the grey cells fumbled on the words, which took a form of a poem; a poem of longings, desires and the cacophony of thoughts.

I sit down on the porch
And get lost in the melancholy of thoughts
The light tears through the cloud
The rains kiss me,
While the winds blows away the dry leaves.
I try hard to see
With my closed eyes
An image of you underneath
Inaudible, beautiful image of you
Kills me
For the troubled times I gave you
For I want to hear, I want to bear
The troubles with you
See the sunshine
And the setting sun
With you near
Thoughts clamor
And anticipation sounds trumpets
I feel all this
While the rain drenches me
And I get lost in the melancholy of thoughts.


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