Emotions. Very difficult to handle at times. Some even contemplate ending their life based on them. We as humans, have our own way, or rather, have developed our own ways to react. What causes happiness to one maybe the same stimuli to cause grief to another. As a saying goes “In someone’s pain is someone’s gain”. And then there’s an entirely different emotion – stoical. Its feeling without showing feeling. The chemical reactions take place within us, are catalyzed by our thoughts. Chemical reactions imply the hormonal reactions. So, everything eventually points to one thing and one thing only – the way we think.

Everyday is an event in our timeline. Some events make us happy while some don’t. But still, they affect the way we behave, the way we present our self. Even the small particle i.e. electrons; jump from one level to another when excited. We, are, our self , in a micro level composed of those particles too. We feel sad, we cry. Just because two things happen simultaneously doesn’t mean they are inter-related. They may be, may not be. But sometimes, when clouded by emotions, it becomes difficult to think logically. After all, these chemical reactions are the controlling force behind everything we do.

We are our own chemists. We decide how we want to feel, what are the favorable outcome we want. And for that, we need a strong and focused mind, not mislead by any event; but stays strong.


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