Complicated Enlightenment

Everything that the earth helps grow and nurtures eventually end up destroying the earth itself. Consider us humans; and we are all revved up, blinded by the enormous profits and the craze for money that we ( well most of us), have turned a blind’s eye towards it, thinking that we won’t last long enough to witness the destruction, so they go on exploiting the very earth which helped us achieve what we are today. This is just an example to see. Well another and yet powerful example is the blindness and illogical way we preach our religion. God made us, but who made god? The answer is Us. We are always born free, but the things we nurture, habits we inculcate, beliefs we follow, eventually end up destroying our self in one way or another. Either we become biased or force others to believe what we believe. We are the reason for our own pitfall. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Questions always follow us. Is our life then a complicated mathematical equation with more variables? And then for every variable, there must then exist a separate simpler equation to solve the bigger complex one. But we are so engrossed in the bigger picture that we fail to see that the bigger picture is actually a mosaic of simpler ones. Maybe. May not be. Should I spend my time analyzing this stuff? This life has so many unanswered questions that maybe they should be left the way they are. The river of life will find its own path, pave its own way naturally, reach for harmony, settle with peace; unless otherwise forced to follow a strict and complicated route. Just to live simply, should life be led impromptu, and let it decide for itself?


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