Chaotic World, Silent Self

The world is already busy enough, with all the hum drums and chaos of life. Everyone is busy, no one is at ease. Rising sun paves the way for the start of the chaotic routine one has to follow. Alarms go crazy, snoozing and snoozing. People wake up, cursing it’s just gonna be another day in life, usual, boring and tiring. Life has just begun to resemble a continual warfare. But somewhere, someone amidst of all this, keeps his heart beating, and doesn’t let this materialistic life get on his love life. Someone somewhere might be taking a day off just to be with the loved one, someone somewhere might be going crazy to catch a train to meet the loved one, and catch her by surprise. Someone somewhere still believes that love is above all the money and effort one puts in work, above all the mundane life one leads. Someone somewhere gently listens to his heartbeat, missing that warm touch of his love. Tears would flow silently, lungs would sigh at that moment, and then all he would wish was to hear “I LOVE YOU”.
The world will go on without us, today or tomorrow. There’s no point wasting the life indulging in all the chores and in meanwhile missing all the fun. If the world can go on without us, let it carry on without us for another day. What is life if not recollection of memories and experiences. Later on, after ten twenty years, I won’t remember the work I did, but that crazy moment I hung on will be clearly etched in my memory. Let life be a happy ride even if for just a day. Where people travel by bus, I prefer my bike. Where people prefer bike, I prefer auto or maybe walk. Where people prefer flights, I sometimes prefer trains. Something unexpected always brings out the happy side in me. I want to travel across India in my SUV, stop somewhere on roadside, play my guitar while watching the sun set over the asphalt road. That would mean living life, enjoying even the mundane facts of life, and learning to let go.
Our life is too short to waste it arguing and fighting over silly matters. Anger doesn’t solve any problems, it just stops you from enjoying life. In this world, love is what is mistaken most of the times. Love hurts, that’s for sure, but unless you are hurt, how will you meet someone who will mend it? Fall in love, love till it consumes you, keep happy memories, and stay that way. Someone somewhere might be waiting for that one phone call, however trying to concentrate on work. That one phone call, that one minute of talk, that would mean so much to him. In the cacophony of this mechanical world, when the soft voice of love will echo through his ears into his heart, the brain would freeze that moment and cherish them. Love means waiting for that one true love, which will sweep you of your feet, make you drool all over her and crave for her every time. With open eyes, I want her in front of me; with closed eyes, I want her in my dreams. Crazy means going crazily crazy for her. Tears are something which show the hidden feelings even when someone doesn’t want to share them. I just don’t want anyone near to me, someone I love ever crying. I don’t know what I want to write and where I am going with this article. These are just the feelings I have, thoughts that keep arising in my mind, thoughts which just go on flowing in this crazy mind of mine. Sometimes I feel alone, not because no one is around me, but because my ideas are rated as crazy. I just believe that life is short, and I don’t want to waste it doing daily chores. Of course, I work and I have my own daily routine, but still sometimes it’s okay to think outside of the box, to do something crazy. Crazy doesn’t necessarily means doing anything stupid or jerky, it’s something which makes me feel better, which makes me forget the daily humdrum and boring life.

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