Dear You,

This world is not your wish granting factory, so don’t keep your dreams and hope up always. Most of the times you will have to face situations you don’t want to, hear words you wish didn’t exist, do things you wish weren’t feasible; but ultimately you will have to accept the fact. The fact that whatever happens to you is ultimately result of some of your past actions, and you and only you are solely responsible for that. Keep your mind clear of things for which you shouldn’t worry. Worrying unnecessarily about stuff will get to you, so don’t do that. Live life on your terms, with someone who understands you. Love someone, but never rule someone, for no one is your slave. If you think you can rule someone, you are deeply mistaken. You are no fucking dictator, you are just a tiny human being, who is made of 70% water. That’s all what you are. Don’t think too much. Learn to keep mind empty sometimes, because that’s also important. Don’t get angry, because it’s worthless. Better utilize your energy in working out, or thinking. Life is limited, don’t waste it arguing something petty. Their is dearth of caring people out here in this world, do your part. People will like you, acknowledge your talent. You will be subdued by this world. People will try to utilize you, use you, as if you are a commodity for them. Help them, but also learn to say no sometimes. Never pass the fault to someone. If it’s your fault, just accept it. That’s the way you will learn things, by doing them first hand. Like it’s said ,”If you wish for rain, be prepared for mud too”. Life ain’t forgiving, it’s you who make life forgive you. The world will make you cry, make you lose hope in yourself, but don’t give up yet. If you want to cry, just cry, don’t think. Don’t think what people will think of you. The only person who stops you from doing something is you. You are your own biggest fear. Try to overcome that. Life is too short to regret not doing the thing you always wanted to. Take chances, take risk, listen to heart. Love truly, completely. Love someone blindly without asking anything in return, even if it consumes you. Love will all your heart, and not with brain. If you love with brain, that won’t be called love; you will be just under illusion. Expect less, but whatever you expect, let the other person know that. Read books, write down your feelings. Love is not sex, but love is holding hands and realizing this is the moment of happiness. Express yourself, for if you don’t, no one will ever know what you thought of. Learn to spend time alone, to know yourself. Don’t rush on decisions. Don’t judge people. You never know what someone might have faced recently. You ain’t no dictator or lord of this works that you have the right to judge other people. Learn to empathize. And maybe then the world will seem a bit beautiful..
Your Alter Ego.

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