The Cloud and The Earth

It was raining outside my window. The clouds were in full flow with all the passion to shower that rain over the dry earth, the earth who waited for so long for this moment. This is so romantic. As the rain drops were absorbed in her skin, the skin of earth, the soil, a fresh fragrance rose out, something ecstatic, something pure. I believe this is the gift of the earth for the clouds, when the yearning finally ends. The conjugation of this cloud and the earth seems and feels like a true love story, an eternal one, having all the elements of the perfect romance. Without rain, the earth is just dry, all cracked up, lifeless; the separation is too much to bear. Like there’s a pain in heart, a pain of being away from the love. All that is there is just the wait, wait for the rain filled clouds to come back home and shower it’s love. There’s a hope, a fearless dauntless hopeful hope. The wait for one and only one true love is almost nearing its end.
And the clouds, filled with rain for his darling, when they arrive, they arrive in their own style. With lightnings and thunderstorm, they announce their own arrival and make the earth even more restless. Imagine two lovers, one waiting on the other side of the door, growing impatient with every passing moment, while the other arriving as fast as he could to meet her. That restlessness is in the form of soft breeze, blowing calmly yet with an intensity that picks up momentum slowly as the moment of meeting comes near. The clouds, in their own swag, continue with their own light and sound show and gathers up the courage to meet the love after a long time. When finally the cloud arrives at the door, everything falls silent and they both embraces each other with a doting passion. The clouds embrace the earth and shower the rain all over her. The earth seems vibrant now, even more colourful than she was earlier. Tears run down the face of earth, in the form of rivulets, tears of happiness, of joy, of union. And then they go on making love, while the scent of love fills up the air.
The clouds embrace the earth, hug her silently, all silent now, when all the love has been showered. And then with a bright smile, the earth seems happy, smiling widely in a jovial mood, while the cloud in her embrace watches the colourful  smile light up the sky, in form of the rainbow. And that’s when the sun gathers up some courage to come out slowly, to provide some warmth. The flowers are happy, so are the trees and the birds. They all go out and sing their own song and make merry. The love in nature is so pure and so sure that I have no more words to express it.
All the floods and all, I believe this is the result of the cloud’s anger, to see his darling the earth in a painful condition, conditions brought upon by the humans. Imagine if someone hurt your darling, your one true love, wouldn’t you be angry? This is a perfect love story, a perfect union, which keeps on repeating itself.

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