Market Unfolds…

And then everything seemed vibrant.
When the sun came up shining brightly after the rain.
In the market, which is a small one, people thronged to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, it being Sunday. The breeze was still strong, and the plastic sheets in green and blue and yellow covers which were connected by strings to the tree or poles swayed ferociously. The color of tomatoes was enhanced by the light filtered through the sheets, and so was the color of other vegetables. Vendors would place their items wherever they found place, and the market was packed. Vehicles were all parked outside, everyone moved about carrying carry bags. The breeze would blow again, and the dried brown and yellow leaves would roll over and be carried away, just like small kids playing in the vast playground they have. Some people stood in line outside the ATM, waiting patiently for the person to finish his transaction. One of the two machines would be out of service, and the time would take even longer. ATM machine would be feeling rich, for he has so much of cash, notes of 1000, 500 and so on. The other machine would have called in sick that day, and would be relaxing in the conditioned air. And this other one had to do all the work.
In the market, all kinds of people come. Some come to sell, some come to buy. Some come with kids, and I go there to see the people, how they react, how they behave. Not that I don’t buy stuff, but I find it interesting to observe people.

Someone buying would always have in mind the bargaining idea, even if he/she is able to bargain for a meager amount, say five rupees. The vendor would be thinking how cheap this guy is, trying all his effort to sell at the price with which he can afford his family a decent meal. Ultimately both will give up, and settle at a common price. Some vendor would say his item is superior, and won’t bargain. Whatever happens, in the end, the buyer is satisfied that he is able to bargain, and would feel proud of his skills; the vendor would be happy to have his items sold, and would put the money together safe in one place.
The cows would be thinking it’s their best day. They would roam about lazily, and when the vendor is not seeing, quietly grab some fruits or vegetables. When the vendor would see the cow, he would get furious, and chase after the cow. The cows would move freely, and everybody would pave way for them. The cows would be happy, feeling proud. The vendors angry. The people walking on the road would be frightened a bit seeing such big cows and quickly make way for them. Some kids would cry, some kids would chase the cows.
Kids would be surprised in the market, for the market for them is a place with unlimited opportunities. They would force their parents to buy their favorite fruit or vegetable, or in a grocery store, buy chocolates or something. Parents would be angry at their kids, some would scold them, some parents would try to make them understand, some parents would get angry and make some angry face. But whatever happens, it’s all fun to watch. Kids would be happy if their demand is fulfilled, and they would proudly hold their favorite chocolate or biscuit in their hand, as if it’s the prize they won.
Some guy will always be there with some weird hairstyle, and shades, thinking he is the stud around, and maybe all girls will drool over him. He would talk in some funny accent, trying to be cool, but in someone else’s mind, he is making fool of himself. Aged uncles would see him and blame the guy’s parent for this look. These are the uncles that talk about politics and politicians over cup of tea, favor one party or another, yet so nothing worthwhile. Their main purpose of life is to find fault in others. They have a very keen sense of observation. However they fail to see themselves.
Some aunty somewhere would be bargaining so much that the vendor would be thinking if the lady is crazy. But that lady is shrewd. She keeps knowledge of all the things happening in her neighborhood. No couple can meet secretly in hers. She would bring the bargaining amount so low, that when they reach a common price, the vendor would ultimately sell his items just to get rid of her. And if another similar lady is nearby, she would keep her ears alert to hear the price, and then negotiate with the same price.
Since it rained last night, some vegetables would be rotten. The vendors would sort them out, curse the lords for the rain and rotten vegetables, and throw them somewhere. The crows would be waiting for this. They would be thanking the lords for the rain, and the food that came with it. Four five crows would surround the place, the cows would gather too. Together they would feast and enjoy the awesome day.
In midst of all this, there would be one guy, silently watching as the scene of market unfolds in front of him. He would watch the trees swing in breeze, the birds sing their song, the people carry out the daily routine; and enjoy all of it. He would be greeted by a few familiar faces, smile; and as they move on, continue with his activity. Later on, maybe he would think of all this, and then prepare himself to write this down, and somewhere he would be putting the pieces from his mind into paper.


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