Hope, you know, it never ends. It dies with death only. Even the fear of death doesn’t detest or weakens the hope. It makes it even stronger. Hope is like a dark tunnel. A tunnel which may have been neglected, old, ruined, dirty; yet if it’s a tunnel, no matter in what condition it is in, it will always have an opening. And when the first ray of light will be visible, you will realize that hope never dies. We do not know the vastness of this entire universe. We are just tini tiny human beings, living in some city, in a tini tiny planet called earth. The Milky Way. We do not know what is unknown. So all we have with us is hope. We set alarm to wake up in the morning. What is that if not hope. Hope that the next day I will wake up and continue to live my life. Who knows what might happen while you are asleep. Yet there’s a hope somewhere.

Hope is so strong, it doesn’t let hope die. Hoping for something is just a matter of chance…it will happen or it wont. Yet, the mind is inclined towards the positive aspect of things, and so is the hope. Hope that someday I will find love, hope that someday the world won’t have any more wars, hope all the lost sons are united to their mother; this is hope. Hope is like an untraveled path, no trek marks to follow, no signs whatsoever, yet something always drives us, keeps us moving. And that is the power of mind, power of imagination, power of hope. So never give up. If not in this life, maybe our hopes are being fulfilled in some other parallel universe; but don’t give up yet. At least living life hoping for something and working towards it is better than just living hopelessly.

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