Picturesque Sky

As I write this, the sun is paving its way, to get ready for sunset. However the sky is still well lit, and it takes so much effort to look into the sun directly. I had to almost close my eyes, as in playing peek a boo and see through my blurred eye lashes. While doing so, long rays of sun seems to emancipate from it in all the directions. Its is still burning bright, and the sky around it is still white, while slowly it gradients to blue all the way. I can see the distant bluish mountain peaks. The peaks are arranged in layers, as in one after another. Cool breeze is blowing and i feel my hands shiver a bit.

As I sit there, watching the sun set and keep on writing this piece, the sun turns golden, alongwith the sky in its vicinity. The golden light shines upon my face, as the cool breeze that starts filling the atmosphere rummaged through my hair, swaying it slighty to my left.
Though I am wearing a sweater, but the slowly fading sunlight is losing its strength, and the air chills me. It kind of feels refreshing, in the golden light of the sun. The fresh air, fading light, golden sun, reddish yellow sky…. I just watch the sky change its color.  A few minutes earlier,  it was all white and blue, and now its a gradient from golden to blue, with the colors lined up perfectly. Of many of the peaks of the distant mountain,  the farthest peak seemed to dissolve slowly in the gradually fading light.
I have been sitting here for past twenty minutes now, amidst the serene sunset. Finally I can look directly into the sun now. I can perfectly make out the perfect round glowing shape, without straining the eyes. And this is the best part of sunset. The sun turns red, now ready to set itself and retire from the sky. The sky too turns yellowish red, still retaining some of the golden hues. The breeze now seems to pack some punch, and I shiver a bit. But the ecstasy of watching the full sunset kept me from leaving. The sky now seems like some kid has sprayed watercolor all over it. There are yellow,red,golden,blue, orange hues all over, just like an aura around the sun. The amazing mix of colors leave me spellbound at the creativity of the kid in the nature.
Finally at this point of time,the last bit of sun went down, leaving the sky and paving way for the moon and stars of the night to light it up now.

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