Bike and Rain

The road was clear and wet ahead,and droplets were leaving their mark on my visor. The surrounding was nothing but trees, plain land and distant hills. The engine was constantly churning out power, rear wheel splashing the mist which seemed to vapourize. Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw straight road left behind me, with the tire mark on wet path. I was already completely drenched up in the rain. But with a vigor and enthusiasm to enjoy the nature at its best, I went on. The road was almost empty. I flipped on the headlight switch for it was getting slight dark now. Once in a while, a few trucks would guzz past, with lights on, with their fat tires spraying the mist, as the tires made contact with the wet road. And every time the truck would pass me, I had to steady my balance every time, for I could feel the force. But it felt wonderful. The wet asphalt was just a few inches below my feet, and this is the best thing I love about riding a motorcycle. You never lose the touch with the ground, the road on which I will walk my entire life, the road on which I first learned to ride a bike, had my first accident!

The road is as real as it can be, even in my memories. Sometimes a few car would pass by, and I could definitely feel its passengers looking towards me, taking me to a fool driving in this kind of weather, but they will never get to know. It’s good to do something which general people think as wayward. It gives me a satisfaction, that I enjoyed something with a little effort from my side. The scene in front of me left me awestruck. I was riding hard, trying to keep the beast under control from skidding, rain drops hit my hands sometimes felt like sudden pinch, like a needle pinch, but all I wanted to see was in front of me. The rpm was healthy, for the bike was definitely packing a punch, not too high nor too low; just the kind that lets you enjoy the ride with the scenery. Clouds were looming above me; gray clouds filled with rain, rumbling and marching forward; it felt like I had a fellow companion. The wind was blowing, leaves from the trees tumbled down the road as if in a hurry to cross the road, always in a group. The trees felt like a silent observer to a bike passing through leaving wet mark, but expressing their feeling by swaying together in unison. The canopy of the trees that extended over the road, seemed to extend itself to meet its neighbour over the other side, enjoying the weather. Slowly the distant hilltop became invisible, covered up completely by the clouds, just like a beauty queen wears a tiara. The trees along the road far away on either side of road seemed to hug each other while clamouring in excitement. White cloud over green hill, green and maroon leaves flying through the ether; wished I had the lady of my dreams sitting behind me; holding me in the rain. We would stop somewhere, smoke a cigarette and then continue forward after snapping some pictures. Aha, I closed my eyes, stood in the rain sideways, tried to imagine how that would feel.This feeling was catalysed by the faint smell of the buds from the mango trees; signifying that the mango season is coming soon. As a child this was the time I would impatiently ask my parents, ” aam kab aayega? ” These are some moments that will be cherished forever, and thank you Chhattisgarh for the spectacular scenery. Though the roads remain the same, the nature all around it varies differently, sparking a different emotion every time I ride. You never cease to amaze me!!


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