बचपन की याद

हम अपने ही घर में मेहमान बन जाते हैं
जब अम्माँ हमारा स्वागत करती हैं
क़दम रखते ही बचपन की यादें घेर लेती हैं
आँखों में एक नमी सी झलकती है

आँगन में ना अब हम दौड़ते
ना ही अमरूद को तोड़ कर खाते
छुट्टियों में चार दिन की लिए घर आते
सारी यादें समेंट कर फिर वापस चले जाते

बचपन की वो यादें
वो थप्पड़ और चाटें
उन्ही ने तो सही रास्ता दिखाया
वरना हम तो सड़क पर ही पाए जाते

यादों को समेटते
चाचा चाची नाना नानी को याद करते
वो चार दिन ख़त्म होने को आते
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Without the Higher Authority – Final Conclusion

Start is difficult, and the previous two days have taught me the lesson. Making meals means dirty dishes, means more work for me. I decided from now on (for the next two days), I’ll have my meals at canteen, nothing too fancy, just regulars. I’m getting smarter.

Smart is just another fancy word for me, and how I wished to use it wisely. Forgot to water the plants today; thank God for the gorgeous weather here (and that I had watered them yesterday), they were still hale and hearty. I’ll totally miss out on things, so I decided to make a checklist for daily chores and travel planning. Thanks to it, I was able to download tickets and all and pack toiletries; which would have otherwise been missed, I’m pretty sure of that. Read More

Journey of my blog…

If ever there was an award for “The most infrequent blogger ever“, no wonder I would have been the king, dethroning every other for the last year or the previous one before that.

Consider the world a vast ocean, where you venture out with your very own small boat when blogging for the first time. With every (regular) post, it’s like you’re investing on that boat itself, going a little bit far from the shore where it all started. Move even further, and you will find other boats too, other like minded people with there own boat, out to venture in an adventure. We interact, make completely new friends. That’s where we gain followers, likes and comment. Quite a correlation.

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If you have to fake it to make it, do it.

For if you need some motivation to start off your day, or maybe if life has got just an upler edge over you, all you need is a hint of self confidence. And you will see all those fragile enemies vaporised in the ether. This reposted blog by The Higher Authority will sure cheer up the day and if not all, give you a few ideas for that inner Hercules in you to conquer the world….


High Heel Confidence

Have you ever doubted your worth? Have that ever crossed your mind? Well, I’ve.

What I’ve done to gain confidence to say: ‘I AM WHO I AM’ today.

The way you treat or see yourself sets the tone for how other people treat and see you.

To receive a positive outcome, you can not give a negative effort. Likewise, to receive good vibes from others, you NEED to feel good within yourself .well that’s hard because everyday, we are constantly fighting a battle against NEGATIVITY . But by simply repeating positive affirmations and embracing who you’re, you’re going to start feeling like a QUEEN . And that’s one of the best ways to gain confidence .

Know yourself what you stand for and who you are.

How can life be an adventure if you have no goals? Same goes for you! How can you be confident if you don’t know…

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Photo Challenge – 1

Starting today, I am giving myself a challenge. I will upload a picture, shot by me, at regular intervals, and do a writeup on that. I will call it Photo Challenge. It’s going to be a tough task ahead, so why not do it!!

Up until now, in most of my blog posts, the scenario was quite the opposite. I would do the write-ups, and then search for the relevant image to compliment that. And I guess most of us bloggers here follow the same.

Hope I survive this new challenge, and in the process of it all, test myself and keep you guys entertained. Since it’s a new endeavour, any suggestions and advice is gladly welcome.

P.S: This lovely picture was captured on a lovely evening at my office site on iPhone, and edited in Snapseed.

And as always, I wish myself all the best in this endeavour.

Without the Higher Authority – Day 2

Today I thought to make my day more productive. And they don’t charge tax for thoughts. So it’s ok. I can have vague thoughts.

Yes I did the laundry, made myself some good food (only I wished it was good) and ignored the dishes and watered the plants. Only when I was about to sleep at night, I realized that I forgot to collect the clothes hung out to dry and the ones washed in the washing machine were still there. My dining table has become a mess laid out with the essential commodities, like the deodorant and tomatoes and onion.

How I wish to end the day on a “High” note, but instead turned on the air conditioner and slept peacefully, still thinking of how I wished to watch a movie or two over popcorns.

Without the Higher Authority – Day 1

Self loathing, my eyes brightened at the idea of reliving the past in the future. I could imagine the drunker stupor kicking in, dance music playing with disco lights, then transgressing to psychedelic rock. And I would feel “Comfortably Numb”.

Trust me when I tell you this was a sweet dream. Today, all I did was wake up early (6 am instead of 8), did the dishes and laundry, cooked the meal, forgot to take a bath and rushed to office. Came back tired, slept, woke up, had a beer and meal and slept again. Neither did the drunker stupor kick in nor I had “High Hopes”. And I totally forgot the laundry.

Life is difficult; and I have a week ahead of me to get the taste of this medicine.