Booze Says it’ll be All Right

Living a rat’s race
At our own pace,
Instead of dreams being nurtured
We see them being murdered.

Swallowing the pride, unwillingly
9 to 5, routine daily
Some call us working class hero
What we actually become, zero.

It’s Friday night,
And when booze flows;
It says everything will be all right
Awake till sunshine,
And will have some more, while I have time .

The boring dingy life
Will begin once again
But then someday, I will lose that tie.
And I will be in the company of you again.


Silent Night, Chaotic Mind

Held my hands together
And prayed to a shooting star
Hoped for a miracle
For the dreams that stood afar.

The nights were starry
And the moon never felt lonely
Soft breeze flew daily
Carrying those far-away dreams slowly.

We would meet soon
Someplace sometime
Slowly, gradually bridging the gap
Between your heartbeats and mine.

Silent longings rose
For the day to settle down,
When finally free from humdrums of daily chore
At night, I was your clown.

Dreams were becoming reality
A sweet transformation indeed
Two unknown souls were being tethered
Blossoming together, like a flower from a seed.

We held each other
With pacy breaths
The moment was lost
In our murmuring heartbeats.

Time to Act

We get killed, there are cries
We kill them, no one cries.
We are hurt, we take care,
We hurt them, we seldom care.
We destroy them to live, little realizing
We will be destroyed if they don’t live.
The trees never speak
They bear it all silently.

Our home is destroyed, we feel the pain
And build anew.
We destroy there’s, they silently move.
Why lament when we are eaten?
We feel pride in hunting and killing them
What’s pride In it? Feel ashamed.
Animals and fauna have their share, let them enjoy their freedom.

Enough destruction, now it’s time to act,
React and repent for our mistakes
Earth will be barren, Sun still shining
“Paradise on earth” will be a lost dream
Let’s join hands together
Conserve, Preserve,
Save, Reuse, Recycle
To make this planet a better place.



Cadence of Your Voice

We all have been there; felt it. The soothing voice of loved ones act as a balm over the burnt wound. To express the feelings, here’s a short little poem I wrote for The Higher Authority, and now sharing it here…

Cadence of your lovely voice
Surrounds the self,
While they are only whispers
They cast their spell.

Shallow breaths turn racy
And heartbeats become pacy
With such upheaval within me
Eyes are no more sleepy.

As I rummage my hair
A smile breaks, it’s only fair
The feeling is heavenly
And I will guard it ever preciously.

बचपन की याद

हम अपने ही घर में मेहमान बन जाते हैं
जब अम्माँ हमारा स्वागत करती हैं
क़दम रखते ही बचपन की यादें घेर लेती हैं
आँखों में एक नमी सी झलकती है

आँगन में ना अब हम दौड़ते
ना ही अमरूद को तोड़ कर खाते
छुट्टियों में चार दिन की लिए घर आते
सारी यादें समेंट कर फिर वापस चले जाते

बचपन की वो यादें
वो थप्पड़ और चाटें
उन्ही ने तो सही रास्ता दिखाया
वरना हम तो सड़क पर ही पाए जाते

यादों को समेटते
चाचा चाची नाना नानी को याद करते
वो चार दिन ख़त्म होने को आते
बिखरा हुआ बचपन को समेटते हम नज़र आते

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Without the Higher Authority – Final Conclusion

Start is difficult, and the previous two days have taught me the lesson. Making meals means dirty dishes, means more work for me. I decided from now on (for the next two days), I’ll have my meals at canteen, nothing too fancy, just regulars. I’m getting smarter.

Smart is just another fancy word for me, and how I wished to use it wisely. Forgot to water the plants today; thank God for the gorgeous weather here (and that I had watered them yesterday), they were still hale and hearty. I’ll totally miss out on things, so I decided to make a checklist for daily chores and travel planning. Thanks to it, I was able to download tickets and all and pack toiletries; which would have otherwise been missed, I’m pretty sure of that. Read More

Journey of my blog…

If ever there was an award for “The most infrequent blogger ever“, no wonder I would have been the king, dethroning every other for the last year or the previous one before that.

Consider the world a vast ocean, where you venture out with your very own small boat when blogging for the first time. With every (regular) post, it’s like you’re investing on that boat itself, going a little bit far from the shore where it all started. Move even further, and you will find other boats too, other like minded people with there own boat, out to venture in an adventure. We interact, make completely new friends. That’s where we gain followers, likes and comment. Quite a correlation.

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